Yoga Teacher

Luvena is a certified Holistic health practitioner, Co Active coach, hypnotherapist, energy worker and Theta Healing instructor along with Ayurveda and Meditation teaching certificates from the Chopra Centre. If that's not enough, Luvena is also trained in Operatic Classical vocals and also plays the Piano.

Luvena used to practice Yoga as a child but her first encounter of a group class was in a Power Yoga Studio. "The experience is something I wouldn't want to go through again. It was competitive, aggressive, with very little learning and not much concern about my existing injury. My fellow practitioners appeared to be aloof or even judgmental and it was quite disheartening. Of course, that all changed in the next few weeks of persevering practice." She also has 15 years of experience working in the Oil and Gas Industry and the Aviation industry. Luvena finally had enough of the routine grind, and switched to learning and teaching yoga. She has been teaching since 2012 and specializes in Pre-Natal, Restorative and Hata Yoga. Her classes are focused around a unifying theme, and she loves to have a good flow to her class. She loves to research different elements about different Asanas and allows the practitioners to learn along with practice. She has an injury in the lower back (Lumbosacral spine) that left her lower back in shambles and kept her bedridden for weeks. Despite the prognosis looking bleak, sheer will power and a refusal to be dependent, along with her Yoga practice, got her standing, walking and dancing again! She is a true example of the unlimited potential Yoga holds for the body and the mind.

"Yoga, to me is beyond an asana. It is a philosophy a way of life. I may not do a single Asana, but Yoga impacts my way of thinking and being strong enough to be able to withstand the storm."